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Pay It Forward Program

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Michelle + Octavius Wedding

You walked down the aisle, exchanged vows and said “I do”! Now that you are married, you probably have a couple of items, you will never use again. Belle Events is committed to serving brides who are planning in strict budget and offer available decorations free of use or rent items at a very low price. Support this program by donating your gently used wedding items to other brides/grooms looking to plan their wedding on a very tight budget.

Everyone wants their weddings to-be and look amazing. Many couples are fortunate enough to have a good paying jobs or family/friends to help out with all the expenses. However, there are thousands of engaged couples that simply can’t afford the wedding they want. Pay It Forward programs allows you to help these couples; while saving the planet and reducing your carbon footprint. Re-using wedding favors, décor and attire is becoming a trend that has been on the rise over the past decade.

How does it work?

Belle Events can pick up your wedding items directly from your venue during take-down/clean up time. This is a good opportunity if you are preventing on taking all your wedding items back home.

Belle Events offers all Pay It Forward items to its current clients who booked any wedding service. Items will be “Free Rental” and needed to be returned after usage. Belle Events will allow items to be used no longer than 3x of usage and will attempt to donate at local Thrifts stores or sell to purchase new items to be used for this program also.

Belle Events does not make profit for this program.

Special Remarks

Special thanks to these Brides who donated Wedding Items towards this program:

-Jada, married 4/21/18

-Michelle, married 11/09/18

-Amber, married 05/12/18


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