Ideal for couples wanting professional assistance only on the day of their wedding so they can enjoy their special day with friends and family! 

faith /fāTH/ (n) complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Ideal for couples who need most assistance during the last three months of their wedding planning to help tie any loose ends of their wedding details

hope /hōp/ (n) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

This service is catered to busy couples who need professional assistance in all aspects of their wedding planning and throughout their wedding planning process.


love /ləv/ (n) an intense feeling of deep affection.

Virtual Wedding Planning

Perfect for those completely Budget couple but still needs professional assistance throughout the planning process.


My Virtual Wedding Planner Package offers you the ability to benefit from my professional planning experience from the convenience of your computer or smart device! This saves you time, money and effort while planning your wedding – completely online! This Package Includes:

  • Two – one-hour Phone, Video Chat meetings (or in person if local) with Bride and Groom

  • Month by month planning guide

  • Unlimited email exchanges throughout the entire process

  • Planning templates covering budgeting, general planning timeline/checklist, vendor contacts, guest list/tracker, and seating chart

  • Preparation of Rehearsal and Wedding Day Itinerary

  • Call all Vendors and Confirm Time of Arrival, Answer Any Questions and Give POC Information for the Big Day

  • A Package for a Friend or Family Member Who Will be Standing in as the Day of Coordinator that Will Include:

    • Personalized and Detailed Step by Step Timeline -All Vendor Information

    • Personalized To Do List (from our discussions)

    • Personalized Rehearsal Diagram

    • A Skype meeting, phone call or in person meeting to go over important details

Package Price: $400

$150 Non-refundable deposit at signing of contract, $150 at one month prior to the wedding day, and $100 at one week prior to wedding day *Add a Day of Coordinator with Rehearsal Coordination for $400 (upon availability)

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